International Designer

Hong Kong 1 It wasn't my first time visiting a new, exotic place, but it was my first time working in one. Perpetually up for a challenge,  you can imagine how psyched I was when the call to fly to Hong Kong to help furnish and style a client's home came in. My job was to make their home feel personal and comforting as they adapt to their new life there. I also wanted it to look beautiful, so immediately started a client file full of inspirational ideas to take with me.  [pin text = "HongKong"]

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Before a job promotion took my clients to Hong Kong, they finished a major whole home renovation on their large century home in rural Ontario. I worked with them from beginning to end and they trusted me and my work. Which is why I landed the Hong Kong job. Experienced designers get these extraordinary opportunities because this business is not just about creating gorgeous, intensely personal homes for people, but also building relationships that can last for years. I'm honoured and thankful that my clients trusted me to be the one to help them and their young children make this huge transition.

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I'm not going to lie, I'm thrilled to officially call myself an international designer along with the excitement and challenges that brings.

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I had to head home before seeing the custom-made furniture we ordered delivered, but was able to put some pieces we purchased in place. I think the uncluttered, simple style really works in their HK home.

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