Werni Court Progress

VFM05251121aAntique fireplace surround imported from England. IMG_0121Here it is installed. We painted the millwork black to add some character and depth to the bedroom. DSC_0016Our installer is the BEST there is! There is an art and skill to hanging custom drapery and art. He is a great problem-solver for all those tricky installations.DSC_0010Linen drapery in the ensuite. Love.

IMG_6763A few vintage finds for the girl's room.. All have been repainted, gilded or reupholstered in some way.IMG_0165The headboard is made from a vintage coverlet.

IMG_6765IMG_0164Cool finds for the boy's room!DSC_0018Gathering up all our finds and shopping the house to style with.

DSC_0023DSC_0024My client is also a crafter, and needs an inspiring room to work in.

DSC_0027Styling the cocktail table in the eclectic living room.

IMG_7132Choosing frames for the antique botanical prints. These will be hung in a collage over the living room settee.DSC_0039Placing the blue-flow plates in the dining room cabinet.

It's been quite a couple of weeks catching up after a lot of travel this summer and the adjustment having a new employee.  After a challenging week I am always thankful for certain projects; the ones where you're trusted and respected for your expertise. And having a "healthy" budget doesn't hurt either!

The pictures are of a whole home project I've been working on with one of my favourite clients. This is the second home I've worked on with her, plus a cottage. You get to know your clients very well when you work with them for years. They become friends.  I love this home we're working on together. She is a collector of fine, beautiful things and has a keen, refined eye for anything of quality and value. It's such a treat to collaborate with her! I wanted to post a few progress pictures of what we've been working on: her bedroom, her kids' rooms and some of the cool vintage pieces we found on one of our many shopping trips. We've custom made or customized pretty much everything in the home. I love  the quirky settee we found for her living room and the custom cabinet we had made for her dining room. The rich leafy green interior showcases her blue-flow plate collection perfectly. Her home is special like her and I can't wait to take final photos when everything is finished just as she wants. It will be gorgeous!   [pin text = "WerniCourt"]