A Shout-Out To Light-Weight Luxury Veneers

styling 5 styling 4As a busy design studio we are continuously updating our supplier library. Last week we had reps from Alberts Taylor Agency come to show us new (to Canada) veneers from Surface Innovation that are made from actual slate, capris shells, sandstone, and salvaged wood. Unlike actual slabs of stone, these beauties are as light as a feather and the applications are endless! Showers, curved walls, ceilings are just a few applications.  We are already specifying one of slate veneers to cover a fireplace wall. It's nice to not worry about weight issues like you do when you install a slab of stone. Seriously, never watch when those are installed.  My clients are thrilled because the look is high-end and sophisticated, unlike tile , which can (unless installed properly) look cheap with the busy grout lines and random patterns. The aged looking wood veneers salvaged from old torn down barns are so cool and have the quality that reproductions just don't have. The patterns from herringbone to squares would be amazing on an accent wall, ceiling or in a hip cafe or commercial space.