Meet My Cool Friends Black and White

car park 2graffiti 2burberry 1chanel 1gucci 1black and whiteBlack and White are my cool friends. They pose as being classic and timeless, which they are, but are more edgy and gutsy when you get to know them better. When I got home from Hong Kong and looked through my photos, the pictures that stood out the most were the ones that were mainly black and white. Especially the pictures I took of designer store signs; which are the most powerful branding as far as I'm concerned. The other shots were spontaneous pictures of things that stood out amongst all the vibrancy going on everywhere else. I was inspired to put this design concept together for a client's powder room. Mosaic marble on the floor, grasscloth on the ceiling, graphic wallpaper on the walls with crisp white trim. With so much colour around us, I love how Black and White turn elegance on its ear.