It's Time For a Facelift

DSC_0249DSC_0274Thumb_saarinen_oval880,3http://www.knoll.com/product/saarinen-oval-dining-table-78photo_gallery_eag_management_chair_3http://store.hermanmiller.com/Products/Eames-Aluminum-Group-Management-Chair_library_images_products_walter knoll_fk.5http://www.walterknoll.de/en/fkchair-w.aspx_library_images_products_david weeks studio_no 419 oval boi chandelier.0http://www.davidweeksstudio.com/products/us/oval-boi-chandelier_library_images_products_david weeks studio_no 407 cross cable chandelier.0http://www.davidweeksstudio.com/products/us/torroja-cross-chandelier_library_images_products_kasthall_woven rugs.3http://www.kasthall.com/en/collections/hagga/?color=hubertbroome-street-entrancehttp://www.loadingdock5.com/index.php?/projects/broome-street-loft/1-JulieCharbonneau-Feb12-MonicRichardIt's time for a studio make-over. You can see from the top two pictures my work space  is pretty minimal, which is great for working in, but it's definitely lacking character. Wanting the atmosphere of a creative loft space, I'm cladding the longest outside wall in brick veneer and painting it white. We also lack space in the designated meeting area so we're hanging a glossy black sliding door, inspired by the doors in the picture designed by the architectural firm Loading Dock 5, to maximize space. I'm working on a clever plan for the small windows, but I thought of it at 3am, so...enough said. I need a meeting table and have always loved the Saarinen tulip table; so that is going to happen for sure. The debate is what chairs to put around it. I love the Danish Wishbone chairs, but there are times we are presenting a design plan for a couple of hours and need a chair that you can lean back in to stretch your spine, swivel when you're thinking through tough decisions and still look stylish. So I'll opt for a classic Eames desk chair in black leather or the Walter Knoll FK chair, which I've been coveting for a while. It's stunning in white creamy leather. We need a new rug for under the sectional and a cool light for over the meeting table. I'm dreaming about the fixtures from David Weeks studio, but like most things worth having, need to be acquired over time...so this will be a work in progress.