It's Time To Shoot

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 2IMG_5027booksIMG_5603IMG_2905  glassy babyliving room floating benchIt's been an exciting month with interesting projects as well as having professional photos taken of some of the past homes we've designed for our new website, which will be coming soon! It's amazing to me how much work goes into a photo shoot. I'm talking a crazy amount of hours and the whole process has to fit into an already busy schedule. There are the initial site visits, emails, style planning, shopping, scheduling,  and image planning, which involves preplanning the angles to be taken, lighting, etc.  It's a big deal...and expensive. Here are a few iPhone pictures I took to show you some behind the scenes planning that took place. I like to keep my images clean, interesting and natural;  they need to represent the people who live there.  Shooting commercial work is a different process, however I like to approach it with the same philosophy: reflect the client who occupies the space and give it a fresh, contemporary edge. Having a current portfolio is a designer's calling card.  We are the trendsetters, the people who keep classics looking fresh and know when to break the rules but still maintain great design. Designers also are expected to be ahead of the game in both our formal (business-related) and informal (social media) lives and our work needs to reflect that. It's a lot to juggle, but it's also exciting to put what you love to do out in the world for others to admire...or critique. You be the judge.