It's A Wrap!

IMG_3515IMG_3490  IMG_3540 IMG_3541 IMG_3547IMG_3489IMG_3544IMG_3430It's been a busy couple of weeks getting ready for the holiday season. We finished up projects, including several styling jobs, which are a challenge this time of year with seasonal decorations taking up most of the store shelves.  The studio will be closed now until the new year, but not without a bit of drama from mother nature. Ontario was hit with an ice storm and my car was hit by a fallen branch.  The power was out for many of my friends and neighbours, but ours remained on - Thank God!  My home quickly filled with loved ones to warm up and feed which was nice because I love spontaneous entertaining.  There's no time to fuss or stress over planning but I can just enjoy being in the moment and relax. Since I'm taking a break from work I plan on using my living room a lot this holiday because I'm usually in my studio or in the family room where the TV is. It's hard to beat a room with great natural light and I love reading in there. So, a good book, a cozy sofa, and drinking coffee with my new, pretty mug is definitely on my agenda.

Happy holidays and merriest of Christmas to everyone! xo