Habermehl Design Group Inc.

A  lot of you have been connected to my company since its conception and some of you are new friends just finding out what we're all about.  So it will be news for some to know that my official business name is Habermehl Design Group Inc. although we have been operating the last few years under the name hd STYLE STUDIO.  2014 is going to be an exciting year with amazing opportunities and it feels like a great time to use my official name again! It has been special having hd STYLE STUDIO as a transitional name during a time in which I introduced myself to the social media world and took on some fun, locally recognized projects. hd STYLE STUDIO pushed me to the front lines in an ever-growing, competitive industry during a time when the world was crashing economically. It was a difficult time, but we were able to survive the loss of some big accounts as BlackBerry underwent significant downsizing and potential clients faced  financial challenges. It was a name that stood out in a community of tech start-ups that were moving  en masse to the Kitchener-Waterloo area.  Even Google moved in! Exciting things happen when change comes, so I feel it's time to use the name I established from the beginning. Habermehl Design Group Inc. is a guarantee stamp using my personal name in the title. I want my clients to know I'm fully committed to each and every venture we work on together. We have some amazing projects and opportunities in the works, so now is the time to use my roots to stabilize us as we grow.