Ringling Inspiration

I just got home from a short holiday in Sarasota, Florida. The blue skies, warm sand and ocean breezes were the perfect remedy to February blahs. But the highlight of my trip was the visit to the 1920's Ringling Mansion called Ca'd'Zan on Sarasota Bay. Read about the history here. It reminded me of a polished version of the 1998 movie, Great Expectations. The colours and textures are so rich and sophisticated. I will draw many design inspirations from that trip!IMG_4161 IMG_4168 IMG_4170 IMG_4174 IMG_4179I'm looking up at the gorgeous wood, painted ceiling here!IMG_4180 IMG_4189 I love all the greens used throughout the mansion.IMG_4185    IMG_4208  IMG_4172  IMG_4199 IMG_4201 Beautiful attire!IMG_4184 IMG_4207 The kitchen was considered totally utilitarian, but we try to recreate this look all the time now!Image 1 IMG_4231 Image IMG_4223 IMG_4228The staff staircase.IMG_4248IMG_4276The ocean facing patio with chevon mixed marble was stunning!IMG_4257IMG_4278