Fast Food Design

grossoAs consumers of big box stores and subpar TV , we've been brainwashed to expect quick, cheap and mediocre decorating. It's bothersome that our value for beautiful, quality products is diminishing and yet our expectations for getting more for less has gone up.  We are spoiled and impatient. We buy more square footage than we can afford to decorate and resort to purchasing cheap to fill it. Instead of feeling energized by our homes, many of us are feeling drained by them. Your home should be an emotional, visceral experience. Decorating without the investment emotionally and financially is like eating fast food; it appeases you for a short period of time, but long term leaves you feeling dissatisfied and wasteful. I'm a believer in moderation, including a decorating diet…a little bit of Homesense and IKEA mixed in with majority of quality or heirloom pieces. This is a good balance.