Your Home Is Your Personal Story to Tell

We're always on the lookout for new and interesting objects with which to style our design projects.  The time, planning and the money invested into our client's home should not be left unfinished. Executed properly, a home can clearly reflect the personality of who's living there. A designer friend of mine Meredith Heron says it's like writing a client's bio, just interpreted with design and thoughtfully filtered through the designer's aesthetic. Precisely. Here's a beautiful home we designed in a small town outside of Waterloo. We are in the process of styling the basement media area, which you can see in the before picture and some of our finds below. I'll post after pictures soon.  We are still looking for a rocking chair that looks stylish and is comfortable to add to this mix (replacing the over-stuffed one you see on the right). You can look at some inspiration for this entire home on my Pinterest board. [pin text="Petersburg"]

Before stylingimage_1Some Great finds.

image_8 image_7 image_6 image_5 image_9 jpgimage_10jpgIf you're looking to have your home reflect your personal style, you should call on us to help you. We are equipped to get the job done and have the experience and insight to reflect your taste and personal story in your home. It may be a home refresh you need, or a full-on design change. We can handle it. We're taking on new projects in the Fall.

My studio is located in Waterloo, Ontario and we work in the tri-city area and about an hour beyond. We also take on international projects which we review and qualify with our client in person or with a phone/Skype interview.

Making the call is an excellent first step!