Monday Musings - Muriel Brandolini

“I like to set people free. I give them a hint and encourage them to go with their imaginations. It is the only way that new things can come true.”                             —Designer Muriel Brandolini via Elle Decor  Jan/Feb 06 


My clients' favourite colour is purple and they asked to have it used in their newly renovated family room. We updated the family room and adjoining kitchen from a dated '80's layout to an open, contemporary space. To be honest, it's not my go-to colour of choice to decorate with, but I wanted to give them the freedom to ask and believe they can have a room that surpasses what they envisioned. Purple is a tricky colour to work with and can look garish if not used with an experienced hand. It would seem logical to limit such a bold colour to a pillow or in the artwork for a "pop" of colour that would satisfy my client. Instead, I suggested we add the colour in a major way.  We colour blocked the purple on the silk drapery and the wool area rug in the same deep amethyst colour. I knew this would work because we painted the walls white with a hint of warm grey and the wood cabinet also has a deep grey undertone. Plus we purchased classic mid-century modern pieces by Herman Miller and added black accents. This combination and the use of high-end materials allowed us to use this rich, dramatic colour fearlessly. If I didn't let my clients feel free to to express themselves, they may not have requested using such a brave colour and this room wouldn't have turned out so striking!