Design Dilemma: Quantity vs. Quality

I totally understand working with a budget and having "so much" set aside to spend on something. Even though I'm in the design business, I too have to consider my purchases carefully; making sure what I bring into my home is worth the hard earned money I spent on it. Do I really love it? Will it add substance and interest to my home? Will it improve the function of the space?  Will it make me smile? A reoccurring issue I see, is people wanting so much for so little. This often results in, a) compromising on quality, b) compromising on the over-all design (scale, light, colour etc. to accommodate the not so perfect piece into the space) and, c) compromising on the enjoyment you get when you purchase something you absolutely love.

My friend Meredith said recently that some people fall in love more with the price than the thing they're purchasing. Food for thought.coco