Interior Design Master Class - Success!

I had the honour being a part of a panel of experts for Interior Design Master Class yesterday in Toronto. It was a jammed-packed day of design business advice and money making tips for designers and decorators who are newer in the business. It ran from 8am-5pm with short breaks in between, so you can just imagine the information the attendees went home with. My friend Meredith Heron was the keynote speaker and I was part of a panel along with Meredith and Jonathan Legate, a friend and designer based in Halifax.  Wendy Hicken from Juice Marketing Group and the founder of Interior Design Master Class had amazing marketing tips to share, along with other experts and gorgeous product line representatives. There was so much to offer! Here's an Instagram picture from one of the attendees. It made my day to hear she thought it was the best design discussion ever! Success.IMG_1428