My Favourite High Point Market Finds: Chic and Modern

It's hard to believe over a week has passed since I was at High Point Market in North Carolina! I went again with my friend and fellow designer Meredith Heron, from Meredith Heron Design in Toronto. We decided to do "slow market" by staying an extra couple of days so we could really concentrate on finding the perfect pieces for our clients. We also wanted to build relationships with both new and familiar suppliers. I made a point of sitting in every chair, made notes and took pictures of everything I could imagine using on a project. The investment of making this trip allows the designers who attend to raise the calibre of their work. By going to HPMKT, I get first-hand knowledge of what I'm specifying for my clients so that  I can create the most personal look for them. Here are a few of my favourite finds.  I was drawn to classic shapes with interesting uses of scale. I looked for sophisticated finishes such as shagreen, silver-leaf, lucite and carved limestone. These are statement pieces that will last the test of time, yet are still very chic and modern.

IMG_8278 IMG_8475 IMG_9413 IMG_9611 IMG_9737 IMG_0523 IMG_1033 IMG_1111 IMG_0765