What I'm Working On: In Between Spaces

Foyers, large upstairs landings, niches and tucked away corners are areas in a home that I call "in-between spaces."  Often people don't know how to decorate these areas because the function of them isn't clearly defined. I actually love designing these areas for clients because they gain a bonus living space. Below is a home I'm decorating and my job is to give the public areas a wow factor for when they entertain, and give the more intimate areas a finished, family friendly feel. I thought I would feature a few of these in-between areas.

(Trying to do too many things at once, I dropped my iPhone and unfortunately my photos are blurry).

FoyerIMG_1349Window niches


Upper landing area and large blank wallIMG_1365

Here's the inspiration...

I love how this antique, French settee is contrasted with the  contemporary Franz Kline art. I'll suggest a similar arrangement in the foyer; especially since the opposite wall has room for a beautiful cabinet where daily mail and keys can be dropped.6993cfad09f2e81d73f67c0e76440c52

Credit: Designer unknown

Window niches can be a cosy reading nook for the kids, or a place to perch when spying on your neighbours. I love the repetition of these window seats in the inspiration photo and in my client's home. I want to maximize this space by adding upholstered cushions in each niche, flanked by art for added interest. The best thing for my clients is they have three kids, so they each get to claim their own seat!

609b02a20db8935526434efa1cfb1930Anne Decker Architects

I love this image too.10003458_808136022575817_6981970550690468078_nStylist Denis Bjerregaard

An expansive upper landing can be used for an intimate family area. Here's where they can gather in their pyjamas before going to bed or heading out for the day. I love the idea of two chaise lounges or a tête-à-tête lounge in the seating area, with an area rug to define the space from the hallway. I would even layer an upholstered screen behind the grouping instead of art on the wall.10392308_808136035909149_4079795094428216638_nDesigner Hanna Wessman

A creative, family gallery on the adjacent wall would add a personal touch; but nothing overly contrived, so more pictures can be added over the years.

eae65f79457946ea676a83c1d25f1493Image credit unknown