What I'm Working On: California Here I come!

Being a working designer and a blogger, I have had some pretty exceptional opportunities to travel and learn about the latest products available (and be reminded of a few classic favourites). I've been invited next week by Bosch and Dwell to attend a two day design retreat called The Evolution of the Modern Kitchen, at the Bosch Experience and Design Center in Irvine, CA. KITCHEN WATERMARKI've designed a lot of kitchens over the years, and one of my favourite styles to design is a modern kitchen. There are no distractions in extraneous details, so every line and function has to be carefully considered. I'm excited to dig deeper into this topic of the evolution of the modern kitchen, as it's so relevant to what I do in the studio on a regular basis. Also, I’m especially looking forward to chatting with industry leaders at Bosch and Dwell magazine and to be able to exchange ideas. I rarely turn down opportunities to expand my knowledge and educate myself in any way possible, especially from the best in the industry, like Bosch and Dwell. What a dynamic combo!

Bosch Modern Kitchen Itinerary

  **Even though I am being sponsored to attend this event, I only promote products I would choose to use in my projects or personally. My opinions are mine and not those of my sponsors.