The Modern Kitchen With Bosch and Dwell

It's hard to believe just a few weeks ago I was in California sitting by a pool waiting for my first meeting with the Bosch and Dwell team and other designers. They were taking us out for an à la carte sunset dinner at Driftwood restaurant in Laguna Beach. I arrived at my hotel a few hours early, leaving behind minus 30 degree weather, so waiting by the pool with a glass of wine felt paramount!  IMG_3701The evening was a spectacular as I got to know the Bosch, Dwell and Finn Partner representatives. We chatted while sipping cocktails and watching the sunset. Can I go back now, please?

Bosch and Dwell are respected in my industry as leaders in modern design and being asked to be one of eight notable designers/bloggers to attend the event was a huge honour! The real lessons began as we entered into a full day discussion and interactive learning experience at the BSH Experience and Design Center.  The main topic was The Evolution of The Modern Kitchen. I've had some experience using Bosch appliances in my own home and in client projects, but getting a chance to observe and communicate with some of the brains behind the business was exciting. Dwell gave us some incredible insight on where things are heading for the next generation of affluent consumers and Bosch showcased their latest products that are leading the pack. Sitting in a room with like-minded visionaries was an incredible experience.  My fellow attendees and I were able to share our own insights and exchange ideas with Bosch and Dwell media representatives, elevating our design awareness another notch.

Of course there's no better way to learn than to do, so Bosch set us up in their state of the art kitchen for an hour or so of cooking. We broke into teams preparing our lunch from recipes created by Bosch's head chef Adam Alper. It was a total pleasure using Bosch's latest appliances and gaining a better understanding for the German ingenuity, precision design details and the ease of use - making cooking and clean up easy. Take a closer look at a few of the appliances we used: STEAM OVEN with flush installationthe quietest DISHWASHERSCOOKTOPS (the induction cooktop is my favourite)REFRIGERATORS (some offer customizable panels). I love the understated but refined style they give any kitchen.

You know those who own Bosch appliances appreciate function, quality and style. All important foundations for the discerning, modern cook.

Photography: Alison Habermehl