Adopting a unique and versatile lifestyle at a young age, Alison spent her youth growing up in different parts of Ontario and Manitoba. Equally influential in her upbringing was the balance of traditional and bohemian values shared among her close-knit immediate and extended family. Despite these polar dynamics, what remained a constant was - a continual encouragement of creative expression, be-it in design, fashion, music, or travel; to help those that are less fortunate; and to become an entrepreneur in something that would inspire true personal happiness and fulfillment. 

After settling in the Waterloo region, in keeping with her humanitarian nature, Alison spent seven years volunteering at a Street Ministry, eventually leading to a position as Program Director. After starting a family of her own, the pull to create and help others to make beautiful homes for themselves was overwhelming, and Habermehl Design Group (HDG) was born. Life came full circle when Alison was later asked back to be the designer for the Street Ministry youth employment initiative café.

Alison landed a much sought after internship with industry icon Vicente Wolf, an experience that shaped her approach to both process and business management, and helped define her aesthetic and creative vision. Unwavering in HDG’s Design approach is a deeply personal collaboration with each client, to interpret their taste and understand their individual and collective needs, to achieve a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Over the past two decades, Alison’s portfolio has evolved into an impressive collection of stunning, high-end, carefully articulated and customized projects. Whether it is a new build or a sympathetic restoration, Alison’s work spans a remarkable range and extends across the globe, from Canada’s Silicon Valley to Hong Kong.

With each new bespoke project, Alison’s care and stewardship, along with her constant pursuit of excellence, is felt as much as it is seen.  Every design is married with her unmistakable infusion of all that is sensual, chic and studiously tailored to meet her clients’ exacting needs.


Work With Us

We communicate through design to create seamlessly beautiful, functional spaces that inspire luxury.



Whether designing a whole home renovation or when done in stages, our clients want to have a home that flows beautifully with their lifestyle. Our belief is when this is executed properly; our clients’ lives are richer and more fulfilled. We offer white glove service and quality workmanship on our projects. We are also known for the highly detailed and signature features that are hallmarks of a lasting investment.


You have a busy home; yet don’t want to compromise your style. We work with family-friendly and stain resistant materials. We know most of you have great taste and are decisive, yet you trust us to push your boundaries in a good way. Our studio is aligned with the perfect trades and suppliers to help you realize your vision. Our goal is to make your home a place of growth: spiritually, emotionally and functionally.


We offer advice on finding original art for your home that will elevate and refine each living and entertaining space. Our expertise will ensure the selection of unique and personally meaningful pieces. We align our art sourcing with your requirements in mind, whether you’re looking for entry-level pieces or collectable fine art.


With so much travel required for work these days, we like to inject a subtle international feel into our commercial work. We focus on smaller, creative projects that value the same signified, high-caliber service for your clients as we give ours.