What I'm Working On: Restoring Manor Park Mansion

25ManorParkCrescentBefore the fire exterior image via City Of Guelph  One stormy night in March, lightning struck my client's 1850's historical landmark home. What started as a roof fire, quickly engulfed the entire building. Since the fire, I've been asked to help with the design and restoration of my client's condo. In the '90's the mansion was divided into three luxury condos and my client's home is located in the former maid quarters. My initial walk-through to see the scope of damage was difficult to take in. I felt sad for my client who quickly reassured me that nobody was hurt during the fire; so there's so much to be thankful for. Her great attitude makes her a pleasure to work for.

I'm excited to bring her home back to it's original glory and give her a fresh start. We'll meet all the historical details required, but also give the condo new, beautiful upgrades my client wasn't inclined to do before the fire.

fireImage via Guelph Today

The process of restoring a historical home takes a long time. Waiting for the different levels of insurance companies and committees to gather all the info needed before the restoration can even start is tedious. It's a tricky project to schedule too; here I am back in the summer measuring, and half a year later, we're just starting the design phase.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.18.18 AMWe created an inspiration board for this project on our Pinterest board called [pin text ="ManorPark"]. Here are a few of my favourite inspiration pics. I'll keep you posted as this project progresses.

Manorpark1Mick de Guilio Kitchen Design

manorpark2Photo by Mike Mroz of Michael Robert Constructionmanorpark3Designer Darryl Cartermanorpark4Photographer: Leona Mozes Designer: Scott Yetman