Underground Living

  pool table We've been designing basements for years, but it's no longer just a spill off, secondary place to go. Basements are now a valuable extension of living space where homeowners are maximizing every square foot. With the latest technology, and design we are creating underground living areas that feel and function like any other room in your home. In fact, we are making them more like a retreat; with a full gym, home spa, a wine cellar and even a place to meet clients if you're an entrepreneur.

We are currently designing a modern, multifunctional basement for a professional couple with rambunctious kids. Follow the progress on social media using the hashtag [pin text= "Creekside"].


Designing a basement takes an extra set of skills to ensure we maximize every aspect; such as lighting, storage, function and style. We put a lot of effort into the creative planning and drawings so every detail is considered before the renovation has even begun. 

We are now booking for the Fall. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your next project!