Designing for A Maximum Life

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I've noticed a major trend in design spanning across commercial, hospitality and residential. These are spaces created to allow people to live a maximum life. By this I mean, we are blending all the areas in our lives, such as home, work and entertainment wherever we go. We now have the ability to do this thanks to portable technology. We are essentially curating our lifestyle so we have all the necessities and luxuries at our fingertips. We want it all; the familiarity and history of using natural materials, such as stone, wood and metals, but we also want the maximum sensory experience that the latest technology gives. We are now designing spaces that make this possible. We are already seeing virtual reality entering into our place of work, we now want to blend this experience in all areas of our lives. Soon having portable VR devices that we can hook up to our smartphones with be common place.  So why not get onboard and design the places we live and work to be seamless! We want a place to hook up to our laptops wherever we go. We want to hold a company board meeting at our private clubs with full tech support. We want to experience live feeds virtually from anywhere in the world.

We are evolving, but we still want familiarity and comfort. It's up to designers to create spaces that still give us a sense of place and yet support the future of technology.

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Above are a few photos I used for a recent presentation for a hospitality project. These spaces are intended for a luxury private club, yet could easily be translated into our own homes.